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Welcome to Swansea Astronomical Society

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SAS is currently meeting online.

Our Events Officer, Chris Bowden, is co-ordinating a programme of online speakers which members can access via Zoom. Please see our Society Talks page for details. Zoom links are circulated to members by email just before each talk.

Swansea Astronomical Society is the oldest astronomical society in Wales - established 13th February 1948.

The aim of the Society has always been "to further the knowledge of and to stimulate public interest in the science of Astronomy, also to promote and conduct research into problems related thereto" and this is as relevant to today's Society as it was in 1948.

The Society meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month, October through to May when speakers, from within or outside the Society, accept the Society's invite to talk on all matters astronomical. These meetings were formerly at Swansea University, but are now being held at Technium 2, SA1 Now we are online until further notice due to COVID. See our Member Events page for details of forthcoming events.

The Society has achieved a recent prominence in the field of astrophotography with several members exploiting the relatively recent advances in CCD and CMOS imaging, which have brought professional results within the grasp of the amateur astronomer.

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The Swansea Astronomical Society currently has a membership of some 50 members. We are always happy to accept new members! If you are interested in joining the Society - please email us.

If you have any astronomical or administration queries - see our Contact page for further details.